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ELCFX is a company that is specialized in special make-up for the movie industry, events, workshops and more.

ELCFX was founded in 2015 by Eugene Le Clercq & Jolijn

Brouwer. ELCFX’s studio is based in Schagen, The Netherlands and operates global.

ELCFX has skilled special makeup artists and has worked with

companies like RTL, Qmusic, Fox International, Dutch Comic Con, KPN, Telenet,


Very soon ELCFX has entered into a partnership with a

Belgian company www.artsuppliesonweb.com This company supplies all kinds of

different materials in the art industry and now also for the movie industry.

Currently, ELCFX is working on an American fantasy movie

production Legends of Rhye.

Besides doing the special makeup, ELCFX also organises different

workshops in their studio in Schagen.

We have also started a webshop where various fx products

can be purchased.


2015 - Now

The Walking dead promotion for FOX

colleberation Fox

We do a lot of promotional work for Fox international such as the Walking Dead in the netherlands, Belgium and germany. we heave a lot of special disigned makeups to make a full realistic walker.

2018 - Now

Working on the movie legends of the Rhye 

An amirican fatasy movie production

we are still working on that movie.


- We specialize in making walkers / zombies


- Good service


- We can quickly switch with any urgent requests


- Workshops


www. thedioramabuilder.com

Do you have quastions about the dioramas go to:

www. thememoriesstudio.com

Do you have quastions about the casting of bodyparts go to:

ELCFX Pannekeetweg 16 1704 PL Heerhugowaard Netherlands

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